Unfamiliar lifeforms ...

Unfamiliar lifeforms appear within photographs. They visit installation spaces that are protected and safe, while at the same time public and open. These life forms appear in these spaces as coloured clouds.

These are not real installations, not three dimensional spaces. Rather they exist only as photographs, as fiction. In this way, they are "as if" photos
through manipulation (Digital collagen). They seem to document past events that could be true, but in reality never occurred: fictions.

Initial Point - Water Colours - a Melange of Colours ...

My starting point artistic representations and variations of the labyrinth. One central aspect of the labyrinth is "eight". Not the algebraic number, but the geometrical figure. A figure of circles and crossings as well as the duplication and mirroring of these circles. The "eight" as a painted figure is in fact the only figure which corresponds to an actual number, a never ending line from which there is no escape. This is the prison house of eight. It is the quintessence of the labyrinth. By the process of reiterated writing or painting of the "eight", a never ending movement emerges, a three dimensional mirroring of itself. The labyrinthic figure therefore is also a form of expansion and spatial structuring. It is a physical movement. The movement of the classical labyrinth. The "eight" - just like the labyrinth - is both moving towards and away from a centre, yet at the same time it is in continuous oscillating movement. Its essence is the circle, representing the continuous return of the same movement. Its lines evolve in a structured manner and the figures are composed of many different layers, thereby contrasting with the empty spaces around them. The accompanying intervention of layers of colour create the sensation of both sharpness and haziness. The landscape format of the pictures corresponds to the spatial orientation of the physical movement. Welcome to the labyrinth.